Dream On, LLC
Lou Daddea, Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Become Aware and Make Choices that Serve You

Many people go through life on autopilot.  We don't think about the choices we make, but rather just react based on our belief systems.  Our belief systems have been created for us ever since we were kids and they continue to be influenced by all of society, our peers, our family, our friends, our churches, the media, etc.  Some of these beliefs serve us very well, while others limit us from our true potential and from being happy.

When things aren't going well we may not be aware that the autopilot is in control and our belief system may keep us stuck.  We convince ourselves that our current unfortunate circumstance is just the way life goes.  Our family and friends say things like "That's life," and we just settle for that.  Rather than moving forward, we remain stuck at the effect of life.

Each of us has greater potential than our current belief system would ever lead us to imagine.  To tap into that potential, achieve things that we never thought possible and live a fulfilling life full of peace and happiness, we need to take back the controls from the autopilot and become self-aware.

Self awareness gives you the ability to make choices based on what you want, your values, your purpose, the "real you."  When you can choose thoughts that are based on your true self, you will experience emotional satisfaction that will bring you results of peace and happiness.  This awareness takes practice, but once you master this, you will be in control because your choices will be based on your wants, your values and your purpose.

What is it costing you to continue to allow the autopilot to navigate your life?  Stop and think about that... Be aware.